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Gross Magic

A truly disgusting magic set liquidize an eye ball then make it whole. Make a clean toilet dirty and produce cockroaches from an empty dust bin. Truly amazing, this is really Gross Magic!! This set comes with over 65 amazing tricks.

Houdini Magic Set

Now, it's easy to perform the incredible feats of escapology made famous by Houdini, with the Houdini Magic Set! Learn to escape from padlocked chains, and more!
€28,39 €21,29

Mini Magic Tricks Asst.

These mini magic sets inspire a sense of wonder. From beginner to advanced, you’ll find a trick that will astound and befuddle your audience. Let the magic begin!

Stunning Magic Emerald Edition

The highest quality props and easy-to-follow instructions for 50 amazing magic tricks are ideal for aspiring magicians ages 8 and up! Magic sets are a wonderful tool for promoting a child's self-confidence, eye-hand coordination and presentation skills.

Stunning Magic Gold Edition

Learn magic easily and completely with the Stunning Magic Gold Edition! With over 150 tricks, this set is all you need to go from regular Joe Shmoe to master magician.