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Ballet 500-Piece Jigsaw

Combine your love of ballet with the joy of piecing together a challenging puzzle with the Ballet 500-Piece Jigsaw. The Ballet 500-Piece Jigsaw features a variety of ballet moves; a great way to learn new ballet moves!

Building A Playground 60-Piece Jigsaw

Help the community with building your neighbourhood’s park with the Ravensburger Building A Playground Jigsaw Puzzle! Your child will learn that a lot of thinking is needed to put together something amazing for everyone to enjoy, much like a puzzle!

Castle Protector 200-Piece Jigsaw

Can you piece together the Ravensburger Castle Protector Jigsaw Puzzle and get through the sleeping dragon without waking it up? This 200-piece puzzle offers hours of enjoyment!

Cats & Dogs 60-Piece Jigsaw

For those puzzle lovers who just can’t get enough of their pets or just love animals in general, the Ravensburger Cats & Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for you! The Ravensburger Cats & Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle depicts cute dogs and cats at play!

Construction Zone 36-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Your kids won't have to wear a hard hat when their putting together their favourite machines with the Construction Zone 36-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle! Although it would be really cute if they did.

Day At The Zoo 35-Piece Jigsaw

Experience the wide arrange of animals nature has to offer right in the comfort of your own home with the Ravensburger Day At The Zoo Jigsaw Puzzle, containing a 35 piece puzzle containing various animals you can find at the zoo!

Dinosaur Fascination 3x 49-Piece Jigsaw

Watch these fascinating creatures from the past roam through their natural habitat and listen to the sounds of Dinosaur Fascination! Dinosaur Fascination is part of Ravensburger’s new puzzle collection with ground-breaking Augmented Reality technology!

Dogs At Twilight 500-Piece Jigsaw

Enjoy the beautiful night sky with man’s best friend with the Dogs At Twilight 500-Piece Jigsaw puzzle! Bring the wonderful starry night sky into the comfort of your own home.

Exciting Joust 100-Piece Jigsaw

Take a step back into the medieval times, and experience the exciting medieval sport of jousting with the Ravensburger Exciting Joust Jigsaw Puzzle depicting a jousting match. Feel the electricity and excitement as if you were there yourself!

Horse Heaven 300-Piece Jigsaw

It’s a horse heaven indeed! Piece together and identify your favourite horses with the Horse Heaven 300-Piece Jigsaw puzzle. Watch as your favourite breeds of horses slowly come alive as you construct the puzzle piece by piece!

Horses 24-Piece Coloring Puzzles 3-Pack

Your kids get to put together some of the world's most majestic beasts and colour them how they want with the Horses 24-Piece Coloring Puzzles 3-Pack.

Knights and Dragons 36-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Take your kids to a fantastic world full of brave warriors and mighty creatures with the Knights and Dragons 36-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. A fun and exciting way to help foster your children's imagination.