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Hatchimals 48-Piece Puzzle

€5.23 €6.53
Can you solve the Hatchimals Colleggtibles Mystery Puzzle? This 48 piece Mystery Puzzle includes a matching Hatchimals Colleggitble. Hatch your egg and meet your new Hatchimals figure, and then put together the puzzle. Strictly not for bird brains! A great gift for ages five and up.

Ravensburger Princess & Unicorn 100-Piece Jigsaw

For those puzzle lovers who just can’t get enough of unicorns and princesses or just love fantastical animals in general, the Ravensburger Princess & Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for you!

Cupcakes 500-Piece Jigsaw

For those who love cupcakes or have a sweet tooth, the Cupcakes 500-Piece Jigsaw puzzle is just for you! The Cupcakes 500-Piece Jigsaw features a panorama of delicious cupcakes, leaving you craving for sweets!

Dogs At Twilight 500-Piece Jigsaw

Enjoy the beautiful night sky with man’s best friend with the Dogs At Twilight 500-Piece Jigsaw puzzle! Bring the wonderful starry night sky into the comfort of your own home.

The Collector 500-Piece Jigsaw

Santoro is now coming on the puzzle scene! Bring home a part of Santoro’s highly popular Gorjuss line of products with The Collector 500-Piece Jigsaw, brought to you by Ravensburger!

Ballet 500-Piece Jigsaw

Combine your love of ballet with the joy of piecing together a challenging puzzle with the Ballet 500-Piece Jigsaw. The Ballet 500-Piece Jigsaw features a variety of ballet moves; a great way to learn new ballet moves!

Horse Heaven 300-Piece Jigsaw

It’s a horse heaven indeed! Piece together and identify your favourite horses with the Horse Heaven 300-Piece Jigsaw puzzle. Watch as your favourite breeds of horses slowly come alive as you construct the puzzle piece by piece!

Castle Protector 200-Piece Jigsaw

Can you piece together the Ravensburger Castle Protector Jigsaw Puzzle and get through the sleeping dragon without waking it up? This 200-piece puzzle offers hours of enjoyment!

Orca Paradise 200-Piece Jigsaw

From playful and colourful octopuses to a school of leaping happy dolphins the ocean is just teeming with life! Explore the ocean floor and the underwater life that occupy it with the Ravensburger Orca Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle!

My Favorite Horse 100-Piece Jigsaw and App

For all horse lovers everywhere, you’ll absolutely love putting together the Ravensburger My Favorite Horse Jigsaw Puzzle + App! Ravensburger My Favorite Horse Jigsaw Puzzle + App contains a 100-piece puzzle depicting a horse and its loving owner.

Music Castle 100-Piece Jigsaw

For music lovers everywhere, you’ll absolutely love putting together the Ravensburger Music Castle Jigsaw Puzzle! Feel the rhythm of the beat as you place the puzzle pieces together!

Exciting Joust 100-Piece Jigsaw

Take a step back into the medieval times, and experience the exciting medieval sport of jousting with the Ravensburger Exciting Joust Jigsaw Puzzle depicting a jousting match. Feel the electricity and excitement as if you were there yourself!