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LEGO BIONICLE: Ketar Creature of Stone

Grind the shadow trap down with powerful crystal claw blades in this action-packed play set, featuring buildable Ketar Creature of Stone, mask and, a shadow trap.

LEGO City: Coast Guard Sea Rescue Plane

Be part of the brave crew of the LEGO City Coast Guard in the sea rescue plane, featuring spinning propellers, an opening cockpit, lowering back ramp and space for the included rescue water scooter, plus a rescue raft and rescue light. Includes 2 minifigures.

LEGO City: Deep Sea Scuba Scooter

Search for lost treasure with the LEGO City: Deep Sea Scuba Scooter, including 2 harpoons, octopus, seaweed, 2 crystals, and a scuba diver minifigure.

LEGO City: Fire ATV

Put out the blaze with the LEGO City: Fire ATV, including a ruin section with window, lever to lift the flame up and down, fire extinguisher, saw, and a firefighter minifigure.

LEGO City: Fire Response Unit

Help the Fire Response Unit beat the blaze on the container roof before it reaches the gas canisters, featuring a helicopter, motorcycle, and 3 minifigures.

LEGO City: Fire Starter Set

Put out the pier fire and rescue the dockworker with the LEGO City: Fire Starter Set, with fire nozzle and rotating propeller, plus 4 minifigures, and accessories.

LEGO City: Police Patrol Boat

Transport crooks in the Police Patrol Boat featuring a cell with breakout function, crook’s boat with anchor and chain, handcuffs, backpack, banknotes, and 4 minifigures.

LEGO City: Volcano Crawler

Make bigger discoveries with the versatile Volcano Crawler, featuring wide tracks to move over any obstacles, a big jackhammer arm that rotates on its base and moves up and down, a boulder rack to hold rocks in place and an ATV with a chain to move boulders around. Includes 3 minifigures.

LEGO Constraction Star Wars: Captain Phasma

Lead First Order commander Captain Phasma into battle with her spring-loaded shooter with extra ammo, holster, cool metallic-look armor, and real cloth cape with red trim.

LEGO Constraction Star Wars: Clone Commander Cody

Command the Clone Army with LEGO Constraction Star Wars: Clone Commander Cody, featuring posable limbs, custom orange clone armor, and buildable blaster rifle and backpack.

LEGO Constraction Star Wars: Darth Vader

Prepare for intense play with Sith Lord Darth Vader with LEGO Constraction Star Wars: Darth Vader, featuring posable limbs, black armored suit, fabric cape, and a buildable red Lightsaber.

LEGO Constraction Star Wars: Finn

Battle with trained warrior, Finn—a buildable and highly posable figure with arm-swinging battle function, a spring-loaded shooter with extra ammo, and a Lightsaber.