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Scratch & Solve Sports Hangman

Scratch & Solve Sports Hangman brings hangman fun to sports lovers everywhere with new themed puzzles! Word lovers can take the challenge any time they want with this clever, solitary version of hangman.

Sit & Solve Easy Sudoku

Everyone is fanatical about Sudoku, so don't wait any longer to find out why! Sit & Solve Easy Sudoku is the perfect introduction to the art of completing these tricky little puzzles.

Sit & Solve Hard Sudoku

Ready for a number-twisting challenge? Sit & Solve Hard Sudoku is stuffed with Sudoku grids that are much more difficult to solve than you'd think.

Sit & Solve No-Sweat Sudoku

If you want easy Sudoku that's also easy to take on the go, Sit & Solve No-Sweat Sudoku is right up your alley.

Sit & Solve Tight Fit Sudoku

Tired of the same old Sudoku? Sit & Solve Tight Fit Sudoku goes where no Sudoku has gone before! With some boxes containing two numbers instead of one, Tight Fit Sudoku turns an old puzzle on its head!