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Walking Maltese Puppy

Take this adorable Walking Maltese for a walk! With a simple touch, the dog starts moving all on its own. It can turn its head back and forth and bark like a real dog!

Kendama Striped Asst.

A classic game that helps kids build coordination and keeps them entertained! Master the basics and then create your own tricks!

Spin The Shot

Remember Spin the Bottle? Spin the Shot is the same game, except you're playing for shots and there is no kissing involved; unless you want to!


One continuous piece of metal that can spring into a fun toroidal kinetic toy!

Four in a Row Wooden Game

White vs. Red. Two colours pitted against each other in a classic but fast battle as each player tries to gather their pieces and be the first player to get four in a row.

Laser Party Light

Glow bright laser light show! Transform the look of your home easily, without all the tangled cords!

I-Qube 4X4

The World's Bestselling puzzle, the cube is an incredibly addictive, multi-dimensional challenge! I-Qube 4x4 is the ultimate gift for smart brains of any age, take the puzzle with you anywhere!

I-Qube 3X3

The World's Bestselling puzzle, the cube is an incredibly addictive, multi-dimensional challenge! Even with 43 quintillion combinations it can be solved in under 10 seconds! Can you master the I-Qube?

I-Qube 2X2

It might look easy but don’t be fooled – it is still a challenge. The 2x2 I-Qube consists of 8 corner cubies and operates in much the same way as its bigger brother – the I-Qube. It makes a great present for younger puzzle enthusiasts who might not be ready for a fully-fledged 3x3 I-Qube.

Flexi Cube Puzzle Asst.

€6.53 €7.84
Creativity is endless with the wooden Flexi Cube Puzzle! Helps kids develop great hand-eye coordination and builds up their dexterity! Makes learning fun and boosts spacial thinking ability with enhanced creativity and imagination!

Magic Infinity Cube

€5.23 €6.53
The Infinity Magic Cube is a perpetual transformation puzzle that is great for fidgeting. The puzzle consists of 2 parts, and when they are combined in a certain way, they can be perpetually twisted in a series of repeating patterns!

DIY Ladybug Robot

€22.88 €29.42
Teach kids how much fun learning, science and technology can be with the easy to assemble DIY Ladybug Robot.