Twilight Creations Inc.

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Hive Carbon Edition

Hive is a bug-themed tabletop, abstract strategy game to capture the opponent's queen bee while avoiding the capture of one's own queen. Sounds easy? Try doing it with a constantly-changing board made of uniquely moving pieces!

Zombie Survival Board Game

The mysterious event that has animated the dead has also given them an unhealthy hunger for your brains! The only way to survive is to fortify your house and make your stand. How long can you survive?

Zombie Town Board Game

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? In the Zombie Town Board Game, the dead are rising from the graveyard, and there is no way out, so you must scrounge as much stuff as you can until help arrives.

Zombies!!! 11: Death Inc.

Remember when you just thought everyone you work with was a zombie? Well, as it turns out, you were right. Can you make it through the day alive?

Zombies!!! 3.5: Not Dead Yet

Zombies!!! puts you in the middle of the action as you try to escape the ever advancing zombie horde. Zombies!!! 3.5: Not Dead Yet is an all event card expansion for Zombies!!! so everyone can have even more fun!

Zombies!!! 3: Mall Walkers

The mall is not a good place to be during the zombie apocalypse, not that there's much you can do about it when one breaks out while you're shopping. Good thing there's all this stuff in the stores that you can use!

Zombies!!! 4: The End

All of your hard work has paid off and now you stand here in the dark and lonely wood. Don't worry about that howling in the distance. It's probably nothing. Who ever heard of a zombie dog anyway?

Zombies!!! 5: School's Out

At Twilight University, the normal curriculum has changed. Instead of studying science and art, students at this school study improvised weaponry and major in survival! Do you have the guts to fight off the zombie horde?

Zombies!!! 7: Send in the Clowns

The circus is in town! This time though, the clowns aren’t funny…They’re hungry and they think you would make a good snack! Can you beat them and make it out of the carnival alive?

Zombies!!! 8: Jailbreak

When the zombies come to town, jail would not be a bad place to be...right? It’s isolated. The bad guys are already in cells. There is a large supply of food. What could be more clear?

Zombies!!! 9: Ashes to Ashes

It used to be one of the big two:death and taxes. Now only taxes are certain and the graveyard might as well as be called a waiting room. "Final resting place," yeah right! Ain't no one resting here...

Zombies!!! Base Game

Zombies!!! puts you in the middle of the action as you try to escape the ever advancing zombie horde. Players must use a combination of wits and brawn to be the first to the helipad and certain escape. The only problem is the zombies are everywhere!